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by Zodiac Folk

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released June 10, 2015

Ulysse de Spot: Vocals, guitars, bass, ukulele, jew's harp
Anaïs Frantz: Flute, vocals, jew's harp, claves
Julien Varnier: Drums, percussions, guitar

Recorded at Sweet Basement by Alex Joduarn
Mixed by Gunnar Ellwanger
Mastered by Seb Lorho

Artwork: Elisa Frantz

All songs by Ulysse de Spot
Lyrics by Ulysse de Spot and Anaïs Frantz



all rights reserved


Zodiac Folk Paris, France

Zodiac Folk are the brainchild of Ulysse de Spot and Anaïs Frantz. They are sometimes a band, sometimes a duet and sometimes Ulysse plays alone. Originally all of their songs were about the signs of the Zodiac. Once the subject had been exhausted, where else could they turn to but the Bible, Shakespeare and C.G. Jung? Their self-titled debut EP was released in 2015. Old Moon Wanes is their 2nd EP. ... more

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Track Name: Bathsheba
I saw you, Bathsheba
Having your bath, Sheba
How beautiful you looked, Bathsheba
How desireable you looked, Bathsheba
In the balmy night of Jerusalem, Bathsheba
Spices all over the air, Bathsheba
And the color of your hair, Bathsheba
Oh how I wanted you then and there, Bathsheba

I'll lie in wait for you, Bathsheba
Like at the siege of Rabbah, Sheba
I'll force open the door, Bathsheba
Your husband dispatched to the war, Bathsheba
For your body to mine, Bathsheba
Shall be bound for all of time, Bathsheba
Track Name: Runaway
run away with us
do drugs for free
get high with us
you won't regret
the choice you've made
to fuck the world
with your guitar
and your desires

you'll cry alone
so sing your songs
of love and hate
and burn the candle
at both ends

run away
from alcoholic daddy
from selfish mommy
and your helpless sister
don't be a little girl
be david bowie
and paint your face
every color
of the rainbow

you'll die alone
so sing your songs
of love and hate
and burn the candle
at both ends

in the sad light
of suburban skies
parking lots
are rank
with weeds
and drunken daughters
and drunken daughters
and drunken daughters
Track Name: Doe
Wait for the moon to rise
Feel the hair upon my thighs
For though I am a girl by day
At night I turn into a doe

Mother you know what I am
I told you of my dismay
When through the woods we walked
Just the other day

Brother O famous hunter
Keep your horn to your chest
The bloodhounds that you command
Pursue me without rest

From bloody dusk till bloody dawn
They will not stop till I am fallen
Till Lady Night has taken leave
And left her pale head on the lawn

Please oh mother please
Bid my brother forgo the chase
Daylight soon will reach my eyes
And he shall recognize my face

But the horn three times sounded
On the last call our doe was caught
And her very sleek white fur
Was like cotton torn apart

Now the guests have all come
To the gay banquet hall
Mother put on your silver dress
Brother stand proud and tall

Out the window the woods are still
The moon keeps climbing higher
While the flesh and bones of a girl
Sigh upon the fire
Track Name: Samson !
Who made a carcass of a savage lion?
Who drank the honey that was once a lion?

Who murdered thirty Philistines?
Who set fire to the foxes’ tails?

Who with the jawbone of an ass
Bashed in a hundred skulls in the marketplace?

He is not a man
He is a beast
A raging bull, a raving fiend
No human being!

Whose hair lieth all over the floor?
Where have we seen that blind man before?
Was the beast really chained up by beauty?
Who pulled down the temple in such a fury!

He was not a beast
Here was a man
A raving fool, a human slayer
His strength too much
For him to bear!
Track Name: Moses in the Desert
To Pharaoh’s land
A good man came
Moses was his name
Moses was his name

In those ancient days
The Jews were slaves
Under Egyptian reign
Egyptian reign

A nation of men and women
Children and livestock
They followed Moses
Into the desert’s heart

And he said unto them
“Remember you this day
When with God’s aid
You escaped”

Into the wilderness
They walked all day
Not far behind
Went Pharaoh’s army


Across the sands
They journeyed on
Until they saw
The sea’s horizon

And Pharaoh’s chariots
And arméd men
Made a great din
Not far behind


And the people said:

“Are we to perish
Under the sun
So close to freedom
So far from home?”

And stretching a hand
Out over the waves
Our good man said
The following:

“Let the sea open
Like a wounded heart
And we’ll walk through with love
And we’ll walk through with love

Then let the sea close
Like a mended heart
And all the soldiers will drown
And all the soldiers will drown”